Centralizing your software licensing.

I recently was called to a job with 28 users.

Several of the computers had expired Office 365 licenses and so those users where not able to do their work for the company.

When I asked to see the licenses so that I could put them into one folder, the owner of the company told me that he did not know where they where. When I asked why so many licenses he went onto tell me that he purchased the licenses as needed at a big box store when he purchased new computers for staff.

What a headache for this customer. In trying to save money by not having an outsourced IT department, he thought he was doing the right thing by purchasing consumer grade equipment and Office 365 home licenses for his shop.

SoCal Servers provides a centralized acquisition solution for clients. Not only is your existing new computer hardware tracked, but all of your software licenses are kept in a central location, not only to avoid renewal hassles but to avoid disruptions should a licensing audit be conducted by Microsoft or Adobe.

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