Managed security partners and why they are important to keeping your operation up and going.

Recently, we where called to an organization to determine why the public wifi was not functioning as expected while the remainder of the network appeared fully operational. We determined that an internal network breach had occurred and it was a ‘hit-and-run’ type of attack. The wifi is located in busy public space that contains public transportation.

Finding a partner that fits into your business model and strategy is key to a successful relationship with an IT partner.

SoCal Servers can help provide your organization with the following:

  • Cyberdefense: This intrusion detection service analyzes all the traffic inside your network looking for indicators of compromise, vulnerabilities, malicious behavior, insider threats, and other abnormalities.
  • Advanced Threat Detection: This service is an additional layer of protection that utilizes different threat feed sources that allow our security partner to monitor network traffic and detect malicious behavior.
  • Compliance: This service helps organizations meet and maintain industry, federal, state, and in some instances local compliance requirements by collecting logs to provide auditors.
  • Vulnerability Monitoring: This service performs an external and internal scan of your networks and devices.
  • Professional Services: Services include penetration testing, compliance audits, cybersecurity consulting, forensics, incident response, and security assessments with a revision of your security policies as required.

Please contact us if your are interested in this type of service.

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