Server software refresh.

Periodically server software needs to be refreshed.

This is just a fancy vendor term for, replaced. A replacement is an upgrade, generally with a new software license and sometimes with a new physical server.

Replacing and upgrading servers can seem to be a daunting chore, but, it really is not a problem if maintenance is performed on a routine basis prior to a software refresh or an outright server replacement.

I met with a customer the other day who was running Microsoft Server 2003 in house. If you where thinking to yourself, wow that is really old, you would be right! It is 14 years old and well past the ‘use-by-date’ that Microsoft has set for replacement. Microsoft is now running version 2016.

Fortunately for this Los Angeles based company, I was able to migrate their file systems onto the cloud offering a much better user experience for all involved.

Here at SoCal Servers we offer many solutions to fit your needs, both out-of-the-box and customized to fit your requirements and budget.

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