The end of the year is finally here!

And now is a great time to take a look at your email to see how you can tidy it up.

I suggest to my clients to either not add themselves into email lists, or give a specific email address designated for email lists.

When you designate a particular email address for vendors or sales associates, this helps to keep your working email container tidy. I have some customers who receive over 500 emails within a 24 hour period. This seems extreme and I’m not quite sure how they efficiently keep up with it while responding to valid correspondence requests.

Please contact us here at SoCal Servers if you would like a hand in creating new email boxes, want a new and faster email server, or simply want to move your email to a cloud solution provider. We have many ways to help you and your business become more efficient.

Happy Holidays from the staff here at SoCal Servers!

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