The growing importance of the cloud.

For quite a long time, we have all been hearing about ‘the cloud’ and ‘cloud computing’, but what do these terms really mean?

Cloud computer is using a file server that is in another location or ‘off-premises.’ The advantages of this are that someone else manages the equipment and maintains it for you, including the data center. This equipment is usually a server, which is really just a high performance PC in a slim package that can fit into a rack with other like pieces of equipment. So, your desktop computer is now talking to a server in another location. That other location is referred to as the ‘cloud.’

Microsoft who authors’ the server software no longer wants your server at your office, and maintained by your IT department or outsourced provider. They want a large company to handle all of this for you. There are ways around this however.

Contact us if you would like to know the pros and cons on this topic. SoCal Servers can provide either an in-office solution or a data center solution for you and your server needs.

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