Why using strong a password is important

I was working a job site today in San Diego and required the log in credentials for a piece of equipment that I was working on.

The login astonished me, the username was admin, and the password was 1234567890.

This piece of equipment has about 30 people logged into it at any given time and the equipment is handling files.

Anyone from the outside world could have logged into this server, inserted malware or ransomeware and then deleted everything, what a disaster that would have been.

Just a reminder to use strong passwords when working inside your PC or Mac or even your smartphone. Passwords like ‘opensesame’ and ‘princess1234’ are not considered strong passwords. Use passwords that look like this, V46yJxl0Jrvw or even this one is much better %6eUWz&OT%JC.

Better yet, use a password manager like ‘LastPass’ and for just a dollar a month you won’t need to right them down or think up something that looks like you hit the keyboard with your fist.

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